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September Drop-in Classes
Sunday: 2:30 & 6pm
Tuesday: 8:15pm
@$18/athlete per 1 hour class
($15 for CFX Team athletes)
Private lessons are available all week - call or text to schedule!
We. Never. Stop. Tumbling!

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(general conditioning program - 
perform 3X per week at home)

Lower Body
10 - Squat, forward lunge, side lunge (L)
10 - Squat, forward lunge, side lunge (R)

10 - Squats
10 - Plie Squats w/ weights
  5 - 5 pulsing plie squats 
then hold for 5 seconds

10 - Exploding jump squats
  6 - Leaps

Whole Body

10 - Push ups
10 - Under the fence push ups

plank form - L side cross body 
    arm raises w/ weight (8-10)
    middle up and down (8-10)
    R side cross body arm raises w/       weight (8-10)

 side plank - L hip touch w/ wieght
    L arm lift lift w/ wieght
    R hip touch w/ weight
    R arm lift w/ weight


20 Crunches
20 Reach Crunches (touch calve)
20 Toe Taps
20 Bicycles

Our October Calendar
is up - remember to check in weekly for important dates 
and updates!

       We are pleased to announce            that our CFX Store is now open!
       Check back as we continue to          add new items over the next        few  weeks.

For Our Athletes ...
There are a lot of cheerleading videos online, and some are so good they're worth watching again and again.

We want to make it easy for even our youngest athletes to find the best cheer videos on the web!

Soon, we'll publish a page dedicated to bringing our athletes the very best the web has to offer, and from time to time, we'll feature footage of our own cheer family too..

For now, you can find CFX recommended videos right here on our Athletes & Parents page.

All posted videos are suitable for all ages.

last updated on Oct. 1
  Want to 
   max out your 
tumbling score in 
Level 2 competition? 

Get this pass:
Front walk-over round-off 
back-handspring back-handspring-step-out.

Next best:
Front walk-over round-off 
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Great Tumblers Never Make

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Addicted to Tumbling

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Think About This!
"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right." 
 - Henry Ford
Napoleon Hill once said, "The starting point of all achievement is desire." 
In other words, first you've gotta WANT IT!

We are now enrolling
 athletes ages 4-8
in our new Tiny &
Mini-Prep Cheerleading
No Tryout Necessary!

Experienced athletes - request a tryout for one of our advanced teams!
Are you looking for a team?
We may have a spot for you!​
Click here 
to learn more
about our program or to schedule 
a private tryout!

​News This Week
Sunday, 10/2

​More Team Gear is beginning to arrive - 
plan to dress in your new practice gear for all Sunday practices beginning 10/9.

​Due to a special event at EGGS, our Juniors & Seniors will be practicing at a special time on 10/16.
Please check the calendar for details!
Welcome to the new season!
Our 2016-2017
Competition Schedule
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