Cheer Force eXtreme All-Star Cheerleading
We have openings for bases at Senior Levels 3 & 4.2. 
Minimum age - 10 years old as of 
August 31, 2014.

Must have good flexibility. 
Strong tumbling skills are a plus
 but are not required. 
Limited base positions also available.

Athletes may be eligible to cross-over.
We are forming 
NEW mini teams now! 

We have spots available for boys and girls ages 6 - 11. Although tumbling is always a plus, experience is not necessary - we teach our athletes everything they need to know. This teamwill be ready to compete in early 2014.
We have limited space available 
at Youth Levels 2 & 3 
for boys and girls ages 8 - 15.

While tumbling is always a plus, experience is not necessary - we will teach the skills that our athletes need to know.

More experienced athletes may be eligible to cross-over.

We have openings for flyers and bases at Junior Levels 2 & 3. 
Minimum age - 1 8-15 years old as of 
August 31, 2014.

Must have good flexibility. 
Strong tumbling skills are a plus
 but are not required. 

Athletes may be eligible to cross-over.
In specialty division competitions, athletes have the opportunity to complete in a solo, duo, or trio routine, stunt group routine, or jump or tumbling division.

Specialty division competitions allow athletes who have advanced skills 
another opportunity to use them.

CFX is proud to offer services to athletes 
who are interested 
in competing in specialty divisions 
with coaching, choreography and music.
​Coach Caitlin, our CFX tumbling expert, is dedicated to ensuring that our athletes learn how to tumble correctly. 

In addition to tumbling instruction during each practice, Caitlin also offers private lessons to help athletes hone their skills. 

You do not need to be a CFX athlete to schedule a private. Classes are open to all.
Although we always strive to do well at local, regional and national meets, our main focus is on providing a quality team experience for our athletes whether they are in the gym or on the competition floor.

We are developing this site to enhance their experience. From our CFX retake photo gallery to our community bulletin board to links to the top cheerleading sites in the country, our CFX staff members are constantly adding resources here that our athletes can use.
Looking for a TEAM? We have openings!
Become a CFX Athlete
How to Join

Thank you for your interest in Cheer Force eXtreme. 
Below is an overview of our program.

As a family-friendly competitive all-star cheerleading program, we're proud to provide teams that are tailored to the unique needs of our athletes. Not only are we one of the most affordable competitive all-star cheerleading programs in the Chicagoland area, we're also one of the most flexible. That way, our athletes can be competitive in a sport that they love without having to miss out on school functions and other interests.

Training exclusively at Elk Grove Gymnastics School 
(EGGS), our focus is on competition, and we teach all 
of the skills necessary in our gym for our athletes to 
successfully compete locally, regionally and nationally. 
Our program offers the benefits of competitive cheer-
leading to girls and boys ages 4 – 17, beginner through 

At CFX, we believe that being an all-star cheerleader is more than just about competing to win. We want our cheerleaders to master the proper skill technique that will put them on the path to athletic success and the team skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Whether they are interested in cheering in college or simply want to be an integral part of a competitive team now, we're here to help every single one achieve their goals.

We invite all interested athletes to join our competitive teams, regardless of whether they have advanced cheerleading skills or are beginners. Our head coach and our tumbling coach are involved with every athlete to ensure that they learn the skills that they need to compete at the highest level possible. Our athletes always strive to win when they compete, and it is our goal that every athlete learns the correct technique for stunting and tumbling along the way. We also encourage our athletes who want maximum performance experience to compete on multiple teams as eligible.

Our Regular Practices are on Sundays with teams scheduled in the gym from either 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. or from 2:10 - 4:10 p.m. We do not practice on major religious holidays.

Additional Competition Practices will be scheduled to prepare for competitions/events. These extra practices are scheduled early on some Saturday mornings (7 - 8:30 a.m.) and very occasionally and only when needed on late Friday afternoons. We do not practice every Saturday.

In addition, we also have an optional Summer Session where our athletes can improve their skills during the off-season.

If your athlete is interested in joining Cheer Force eXtreme, you can contact us today for more information at or simply drop by the gym during one of our practices. Click here for directions.

Athletes who are interested are invited to try out a practice with us for free! 
We promise that your athlete will leave 
with a new or improved skill in just one practice.

Come try 
a free practice 
and find out if 
CFX is right 
for you!
CFX Predators
This is a new cross-over all-tumbling team for CFX athletes who have strong tumbling and stunting skills.

Athletes who are on Fire, Fusion or Surge may be selected to be a part of this team. Athletes must have a standing and running flip-flop and be working on level 3 tumbling skills in order to be considered for this team.

This option is for athletes who wish to gain cheerleading experience or who wish to try out the sport prior to making a commitment with a team.

Athletes have the opportunity to switch over to a competitive team if there are open spots during the season.