Cheer Force eXtreme All-Star Cheerleading
We Are CFX.

Our program is unique! Our flexibility allows families to make choices while allowing our program, teams, and athletes to remain committed to excellence. We have operated as a flexible program for 11 successful years, and we know it works! ​

What Sets Us Apart

1. First and Foremost, We are a Teaching Program 

It is our intent that every athlete gain skills consistently throughout each season and that as new skills are mastered, athletes have opportunities to use them in competitions and performances. We do not simply "practice the routine" but break out of the box to go beyond what our athletes already know to what they are ready for next. We keep our athletes growing all season long.

2. Fewer Practice Hours

Our all adult and extremely experienced staff knows how to keep practices highly efficient. Through the years, we have found that we can accomplish in 2 hours of practice what takes other programs 5 or 6. Less formal practice means that our athletes have time to be students first, and can participate in their school extra-curricular activites with fewer conflicts.

Those who want to spend more hours working in the gym do have opportunites to do so. EGGS holds 2 open gyms each week and offers discounted admission to CFX members. Tumbling classes and private lessons are available, and new cheerleading flex, cardio, and skill classes will be introduced as interest demands. 

There is no penalty for missing a scheduled practice; however, with fewer practices, when an athlete misses one, he/she misses a lot! Our teams are most successful and athletes make the most progress when everyone practices as scheduled.

If an athlete absolutely must miss practice, we ask the courtesy of a text message or email alerting us and as much advance notice as possible, as our staff does create a coaching plan ahead of time for each athlete at each practice.

3. Our Coaching Team

Like our athletes, our staff is also a team, and each member of the coaching team contributes expertise in different areas of all star cheerleading. Some of us are tumbling masters, some choreographers, some stunting experts, and some like nothing more than cleaning up routines, motions, and jumps. We ALL coach each athlete! We ALL know every child. Everyone on our staff contributes to the success of every team and the development of every athlete. This is a beautiful system which creates a spirit of great cooperation and camaraderie among our athletes & teams - we are all truly one family, and each of us celebrates and shares in the success of all!

4. Our Loyalty Program

Within a few years of training with CFX, athletes are equipped to cheer anywhere they want - but we prefer that they stay with us, as we truly do love them! We do invest a lot of time in all of our athletes and especially in our beginners, making certain that they start out on the right foot. Our most experienced coaches are as likely to be found with the beginners as they are with our highest level teams.

To show our appreciation to our families who return to us year after year, enabling us to do what we love, we take 10% off of all Program fees due during their second consecutive year with us and each consecutive year thereafter. More information about the Loyalty Program will be sent to those who qualify for it prior to registration for the season.

5. Our Flexible Competition Policy

We recognize that sometimes there is something more important in an athlete's life than cheerleading and we do allow athletes and families to make choices. For a full explanation of how our system functions regarding competition and competing teams, see our CFX Competition Information page..

These are a few of the innovations that make cheering with Cheer Force eXtreme a delightfully different experience. We cordially  invite you to give CFX a try. We guarantee a positive all-star cheerleading experience for your athlete.